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Have you ever asked yourself why you always end up in the same situation or with the same type of partner, why your parents or acquaintances just know which buttons to push to upset you?

Have you ever stopped to think why things just don’t go your way or you just can’t get that break?

Have you questioned why you usually find yourself feeling like something is just missing but you can’t pinpoint exactly what?  Or perhaps you have the same story or pattern showing up in your relationships repeatedly? 

You may also have things that you want to do when you think about it, but something prevents you from moving forward and you’re unsure why.  Or maybe there’s a pattern you’re trying to break and in your head you tell yourself to not take action or not to say something, but you still do and can’t figure out why.

Until you make conscious the unconscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

About our work

At Self Awareness, Self-Care Psychotherapy we have found in our work that so many of our clients have a strong desire and need for change at the core of who they are.

Years of working experience

Many people look for positive changes in the best way they know how, which is often through their own life experience, though still find themselves feeling unfulfilled or noticing similar repetitive patterns showing up.