About our work


At Self Awareness, Self-Care Psychotherapy we have found in our work that so many of our clients have a strong desire and need for change at the core of who they are. Many people look for positive changes in the best way they know how, which is often through their own life experience, though still find themselves feeling unfulfilled or noticing similar repetitive patterns showing up.  We have found that working on your self-awareness, the relationship with yourself, and your experiences in life is very powerful, helps you feel more confident and prepared, and you then manage situations in the different areas of your life in a more effective and assertive way, and as a result you enhance the respect and love you have for yourself.  This is what the core of our practice focuses on: truly learning to know yourself and identify and heal any barriers to this.

When I discover who I am, I’ll be free


You may have heard that the unconscious self runs about 90% of your life and the conscious one just about 10% of it.  We think you’d agree that these numbers make it very important to look more closely at what is coming up within the hidden parts of your self.  It is quiet common to repress what scare us or hurt us without even realizing it, and there is nothing wrong about it; it’s just the way we all protect ourselves “in automatic” from emotional pain and distress.


You may consciously want to do some things or act in certain way, but without finding any logic explanation you find yourself just not doing it or even acting completely the opposite. That’s because there is a concealed part of you that usually directs you or guides most of your actions. For example, you may think you really want to quit drinking or leaving a destructive relationship, but somehow something is stopping you and you just can’t, but you’re not sure what.  In your head space, you want to do this, but there is a barrier that you’re responding to. But, don’t worry, we can help you access those parts of yourself to heal and change the dysfunctional patterns that are coming up within you. 

Self awareness is the ability to take an honest look at your life without any attachment to it being right or wrong, good or bad.

Developing and strengthening your self awareness is really important, which is what we will do!  Helping you into working with your unconscious self is vital in our work as this is really where changes, healing, and transformation take place. In our work together, we will look at your thoughts, which come from your conscious mind.  But, we will also look at what’s coming up from aspects of your own personality that you are unaware of.  Many of our clients have expressed after working for a while with us, that they felt plenty of things started to make sense for them when becoming more aware of themselves, and started to notice more relevant changes and significant progress in their lives in doing this kind of work.


You are here reading this for a reason. And that is because you feel ready to overcome your own unconscious barriers, make healthier choices in life, be more effective and efficient in the different areas you perform, find happiness and fulfillment, change your non-functional patterns, and improve the relationship with yourself through the process of learning more about yourself. Certainly we can help you on your path to positive change. Together, we will work in uncovering those inadvertent factors and elements within yourself that need to be identified and processed.

Readiness is when your desire is stronger than your distraction.